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Crave Pure Blends


Crave Pure Blends brings you the all-new refreshing and healthy frappes made with fresh fruits. A frappe is a slushy drink made by blending fruit, fruit juice and ice. You can now enjoy your cravings and at the same time feed your body with healthy and refreshing drinks. Yes, fruit frappes are known to perfectly tones and refresh your skin.

Crave Pure Blends started its operation in the year 2019 and is now looking to expand the business through franchising. We have added more enjoyable food and other beverages on our menu to cater to the cravings of the many. Enjoy our mango-based and avocado-based drinks which are a delight to almost everyone. Spoil your sweet taste buds with Nutella, Kisses, Snickers, Reeses and a lot more. If you're hungry and want to feed your tummy, we have chicken meals for you to dig in.

Last October 2019, we were recognized by Elite Business and Leadership Award as the "Premier Frappe and Milktea Specialty Shop (National Awards)".